PTFE Extruders

These are the technical details of our advanced PTFE paste extruder:

  • Extrusion cylinder
    length: up to 3000 mm
    standard diameter: 64mm
    compression stroke: 75t
  • cylinder can be changed, further available diameters: 42 - 80 mm
  • Loading volume: 3 x preform according to cylinder length
  • Mandrel bar adjusted to mandrel bar of preform press
  • Working height: 1350mm
  • Drive:
    hydraulic cylinder with combination sealing gasket
    valves Bosch/Rexroth
  • Extruder head:
    made from special material
    opening / closing - clamping and panning hydraulically controlled.
  • Mandrel bar adjustment: through regulated spindle drive with shaft joint with position acquisition.
  • Extruder driving through electronically regulated proportional valves.
  • 1x nozzle heating adjusted. 1x collar heating adjusted.
  • Painting: RAL according to customers wish
  • Cabling according to VDE code, diagrams are supplied threefold in DIN A4
  • CE conformity declaration
  • Line speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Accomplished cable lengths: up to 6000 m
  • Conductor-Ø range: AGW 16 - 24 / especially suitable for 5Y and LiSY conductors
  • Required connection power: ~ 150 kW