Preform press

Datasheet preform press

The preform press is a honed cylinder, which is embedded into the ground, or which is being mounted by means of a platform. This cylinder is being filled with enriched PTFE-powder. Following the material is being compressed with a press-punch, resulting in a preform. This preform can be transported and loaded into the extruder with the help of a plexiglas cylinder. The production of the preform requires absolute cleanliness and highest precision. Our presses offer a lot operation comfort and can be used intuitively. The preform press comes with a preset sequence control for optimal results of the compression.

  • Measurements of cylinder: according to extruder cylinder size
  • Pressure: max. 60 bar
  • Vorpressen
  • Trichter der Vorpresse
  • Befüllen einer Vorpresse