Datasheet Vaporizer

To process the PTFE raw material, resp. PTFE powder a resolvent is intermixed. There are several different resolvents being used like Isopar. The resolvent must be removed from the extruded PTFE sheath before the material can be sintered by carefully heating the cable up. As the arising vapors have a relatively low burning point on customers request we can equip the vaporizer with explosion protected heatings. The vaporizer, which is principally a heating chamber, the cable resp. the PTFE product is deflected several times around deflection wheels, which also provide the pulling force to move the product through the extrusion line. At approx. 150 °C the biggest portion of the resolvent evaporates and is removed through the connected exhaustion system. The deflection wheels used are very wear resistant and have all an individual bearing, to make sure that this line component works maintenance free for a long time.

  • Deflection wheel Ø: 630 mm
  • Material Ø range: AWG 16 - 24
  • Heating capacity: 11 - 12 kW
  • Preparation for connection to central exhaustion: included
  • Passing speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Driven capstan: integrated
Vaporizer / Entfetter