Scope of Supply

PTFE-Extruders and PTFE-Cable production Machines

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Leading technology and know-how

We also provide complete PTFE production lines.

Our scope of supply includes all components required for an energy efficient and reliable production. See list on the right.

We also provide the operational Know-How to achieve the highest levels of product quality.


Advanced Production

That makes the difference
Better Centricity

By combining a preform press and the PTFE-Extruder, our PTFE cable production lines are capable of a level of centricity not yet achieved.

Metric Dimensions

To be able to easily maintain our extruders in (Eastern) Europe, we mainly use components, which are based on metric dimensions. This enables trouble-free purchase of spare parts incl. an increased number of suppliers.

Low Energy Consumption

The specially designed insulation, as well as the efficient layout of the heater elements, significantly reduces the power consumption compared to standard heating furnaces.

Reduced Wear and Tear

All sliding guides are manufactured with a special, maintenance-free material. Thus wear and tear is significantly reduced, the precision of the machine increases and the service life is higher.

Easy to Maintain

The machine design is focused on easy maintainability. Without dismantling everything, all wear and tear parts can easily be replaced. The heating modules of the sintering furnace can even be replaced by your machine operators.

Operations Know-how

The handling of PTFE bares a lot of pitfalls which could potentially deteriorate product quality. We provide the know-how incl. personal training of your staff, so you can achieve a high level of product quality.


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