Step 2: Load the extruder

A PTFE-Extruder (or paste or ram extruder) is loaded similar to a muzzle loader from the front. For it the extrusion head of the machine swivels out to the front and then to the side. The preforms are now with the help of a loading support being fed into the extruder. As the preforms usually are not in one piece, but in divided into halves or even thirds, at the connections great care is required when the perpendicular and roughened end is created. Additionally the PTFE is moisturized with more of the used resolvent. The conductor wire is fed through the longitudinal axis (the manderel bar) of the extruder. Within the extrusion head happens the coating of the wire with the PTFE. At the end of the extruder now a conductor leaves the extruder, which now is finished in the final processes.