Our History

Future technology from a traditional company

A company with tradition

Being active in the wire and cable industry (besides also other fields of operation) since 1992 as Rudolph & Koschinksi GmbH, we have a much longer expertise in this occupation. Having learned machinery and electrics construction from the scratch, we know how machines have to function, because we are very close related with the actual operation of them. Combined we have more than 50 years of expertise in running, contructing, building and installing machinery for the wire and cable idustry.

Well known references

We count some of the most distinguished producers of special cables in Germany to our customers. The munutal trustful relationships with them enabled us to reach the level of expertise we have today, and in return putting some othe the most efficient and high quality level productions of PTFE cable in production.


Situated in the Ruhrgebiet - the former industrial heart of Germany - we are have fully incorporated the pervasive business mentality of our federal state Nordrheinwestfalen: Adept to the changing situation and evolve from it! To find solutions for nex problems and overcome them is part of our philosophy of life.

Our Standards

What you can expect from us
Latest Technology

Our PTFE-Extrudes are the most advanced devices available in the industry. We always keep pushing us and improving the machines, in order to supply all possible ideas united in one machine. You can rely on us that each idea we ou you have can and will be incorporated in the machines.

Highest Quality

If you also order our traings, you can be sure that we do not leave the site before you reach the level of quality, you need.

Thorough delivery reliability

If we give you a delivery time, we will be ready to dispatch the machines in time. Your business is also crucial to us, and as we have all steps of the production in our own hands, we mostly even can be faster than agreed. You will be able to securely plan the reception of machines.

Short chain of command

If anything during a project needs adjustment, we are always there for you. As we are a medium-sized company, you can discuss all urgent matters directly with the heads of our company and do not need to search, who takes cares of your request.